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If you want to network for free with inspirational business women in your area join us at Ladies Who Latte. Our concept is simple. We have over 100 FREE networking meetings every month where you simply turn up grab yourself a coffee and network. We have no speakers, no agenda, and no meeting fee.

"Why just women" you may ask. Well, whilst we don't advocate exclusion as such, quite simply, it makes that first step into networking for us ladies that much easier. We all know what a big step it is to put ourselves out there to promote our businesses and knowing that we only need to create conversation with fellow ladies makes it that much less intimidating.

We know lots of our ladies take their first networking steps with us and they soon blossom into budding networkers that can then take on all the other networking groups having found their message and goals. We do hope you gentlemen understand and we are quite sure that if you fellas had the same apprehensions then you would be attending men who mocha no doubt ;o)

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Is there a meeting near me?

We get a lot of emails from ladies who would like to find a meeting near them and we always direct them to the mapped meetings page of this website. We are wondering if that needs to be more prominent so have added it below to see if that makes it easier.