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Banner advertisements on the Ladies Who Latte website

Who will see my banner?

  • The Ladies Who Latte website gets around 1,500 visitors a month from a broad cross section of industries all around the world.
  • 80% of those users are new users to the site so that is many new eyes monthly.
  • When the GDPR came into play we deleted every single one of our contacts on our existing lists and started over to ensure that we had the right data permissions for every bit of data we hold. We get an average of 40 new sign ups to the newsletter and mailing list a month and since the end of May 2018 the total on that list has risen to 2,380 in May 2020.
  • Whilst we will not permit mass marketing to that list and will never share that data with third parties for promotional use, we will let them know about the Latte Collective and what it can bring to their businesses along with other news updates from Ladies Who Latte.

What is included?

  • Full width banner [supplied at minimum size of 1140px x 174px - jpg, gif or png].
  • Positioned top of page.
  • Linked to your choice of URL.
  • Tracked click through stats.
  • Choice of 3 pages: 1 the meeting dates calendar page, 2 the mapped meetings page and 3 the alphabetical list of meeting groups.
  • One, six and 12 Month block bookings are available. Banner advertisements cost £50 per calendar month.


Terms and Conditions

Positions on specified pages are subject to availability.
Payment must be received before the start of the calendar month in which you wish your advert to appear.
Unless you tell us otherwise your advert will be taken down at the end of the period you have paid for. If you wish your advert to continue showing, you may be able to extend your advertisement period subject to availability and payment for the additional period being received before the start of that additional period.
The scheduling of adverts will be managed on a first come first served basis.
Ladies Who Latte reserves the right to refuse adverts of an inappropriate or distasteful nature.
We will be monitoring how successful your advert is and will be able to tell you, on request, how many click through’s you received at the end of your advertisement run.

Don’t have a banner ad to supply?

If you would like your banner advert created for you please contact Billie Sharp on You will be supplied a copy of your final jpg file back to you to use wherever you like as well as it being added to your advert position.