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“Ladies Who Latte supports business women
by example and inspiration.”

Mary Flavelle


Welcome to Ladies Who Latte

Ladies, ladies, ladies! You are outstanding indeed. We are not only off the starting blocks with full gusto getting back into networking but beginning to grow again at an inspiring speed. 

With new groups launching daily it is looking like, once again, nothing can keep a businesswoman down!

As we welcome our newest groups, Skegness, Highgate & Flintshire to the Ladies Who Latte network, we must say a big thank you to all of our existing Latte Leaders for continuing to support your groups and keep them going. We have also had a few batons passed to the next budding Latte Leaders in line and we wish you every success with your groups and hope you enjoy running them as much as your predecessors. It's very exciting to be getting back to networking and we are so very grateful as always to ALL of you. 

The fastest-growing women's network...

Every single day there are new join requests to Ladies Who Latte groups across the UK and abroad. If you want to network for free with inspirational, businesswomen in your area, join us at Ladies Who Latte. Our concept is simple: We have over 100 FREE networking meetings every month. We have no speakers, no agenda, and no meeting fee. Our amazing Latte Leaders are back up and running physical meetings so you can, get out of that home office, turn up and grab yourself a coffee in the company of like-minded businesswomen who will inspire, motivate and drive your business forward! 

We know lots of our ladies take their first networking steps with us, and they soon blossom into budding networkers that can then take on all the other networking groups having found their message and goals. We do hope you gentlemen understand and we are quite sure that if you fellas had the same apprehensions, then you would be attending men who mocha no doubt ;o)

The Latte Collective enables you to soak up oodles of knowledge, tips and advice from our very own Latte Collective speaking from experience and education. Why not pop to the Latte Collective and have a peek at some of the sample articles waiting for you.

"What I love most though is the friendships that have come out of it for lots of the ladies. Quite a few are working together now."

Paula Elliot - Sandwich Ladies Who Latte Leader


A photo of Mary Flavelle - The Networking Queen

Mary Flavelle.

To be successful in business you need to be successful in life.

Learn one lesson from the other. Out of sight means out of memory for many people, so stay visible, network, and make every effort to remember as many people as possible.

Be kind to yourself and nice to others.

A smile goes a long way. It took a lot of years to learn this lesson, but it is well ingrained now.

Mary Flavelle




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