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How to subscribe to the Latte Collective

1. Click on 'SUBSCRIBE TO THE LATTE COLLECTIVE' - choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly. (Everyone needs to subscribe to access the Collective.) This is a choice of £3.20 per month OR £35 per year, both are payable by Direct Debit. 

2. Once you have filled in the 'GoCardless DD form' that will send you back the site where you fill in your name and email you would like associated with your login.

3. You will be sent a login link via email to verify the email account. Click that link and you can set your chosen password for login.




How to submit an article to the Latte Collective

4. Having completed steps 1-3, Choose 'SUBMIT AN ARTICLE' from the main Latte Collective navigation at the top. This will prompt you to build your Expert profile which must include your profile picture. 

5. Once you have saved your profile you will then be sent to the article submission form to submit your first article. There are user guide links at the top of that form to help you. When you ‘SAVE’ that will send you to the payment form for the article submission. This is a one off payment of £35 per article payable by a payment link on GoCardless. 

6. Once you submit that payment form you will be redirected to your home page which includes your list of 'My Articles' - We will review your article and make it live. At which point your article will show a tick next to it as published. It is then visible in the Collective when you 'BROWSE ARTICLES'.

All the links you need to navigate are in the top menu drop down under 'LATTE COLLECTIVE'


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