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Terms and Conditions

User Conduct

Your email accounts, website and software use is subject to all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations.

You agree:

  1. not to use the email accounts, website and software for illegal purposes

  2. to use email accounts, the website and software on computers which are under your control

  3. upon notice to the user, Ladies Who Latte may, at its reasonable discretion, take any reasonable action deemed necessary, if Ladies Who Latte reasonably believes a User’s conduct fails to conform with these terms and conditions or may create liability for Ladies Who Latte, its partners, its suppliers, or other users.

  4. not to use the email accounts, website or software for advertising purposes, other than purchased advertising space on the Ladies Who Latte website. Our email accounts, websites and software are provided to aid networking and connections for Ladies in business. They are not platforms for individuals or companies to blanket advertise or sell their own products. Your selling should be carried out at meetings in person.

You agree not to:

  1. charge ANY fee for the networking meetings you host. If your venue ask you to handle money on their behalf, you are to collect the exact amount of money due for any drinks or food that is consumed and hand 100% of that money to the venue. You are NOT permitted to collect any monies for any other reason under the Ladies Who Latte brand. 

  2. pay any venue for use of a room or meeting space. We are a FREE networking organisation and if a venue decides they need payment for space then it may be time to move on. 

  3. use or otherwise copy, or provide (whether or not for a fee) to a person or entity that is not an authorised user of the email accounts, website and software any directory of Ladies Who Latte users or other user or usage information or any portion thereof;

  4. except as expressly permitted by the Agreement and save to the extent and in the circumstances expressly required to be permitted by law, to rent, lease, sub-license, loan, copy, modify, adapt, merge, translate, reverse engineer, de-compile, disassemble or create derivative works based on the whole or any part of the Software or its associated documentation or use, reproduce or deal in the Software or any part of it in any way.

  5. conditions of agreement for I-ntarsia software A full ‘End User Agreement’ will be made available before commencement of work. This agreement must be entered into for use of the I-ntarsia software. The agreement will include but not be limited to the following:

The Organisation Logo and Brand

We provide organisation logos in various formats and ask that you work with us in order to maintain our unity. There is a customised logo to fit your Facebook page.

The format for group names is ‘Wokingham Ladies Who Latte’ for example. (The location name followed by the organisation name). For clarity your group name should be the venue’s location. If you would like to use a county or larger area name, approval will be at the discretion of Ladies Who Latte admin.

The main organisation logo should not be changed, adapted, added to or distorted in any way. The brand is ‘Ladies Who Latte’ and the group name is the location at which it is available.

Good Conduct

The logo and brand identity must only be used in the interest of Ladies Who Latte. The logo and name must not be copied or adapted for use outside of Ladies Who Latte activities or events. You should not start up new groups that are unattached to Ladies Who Latte in the immediate vicinity, time or date of an existing Ladies Who Latte meeting.

When you become a Ladies Who Latte Leader you agree not to copy the Ladies Who Latte brand, not to set up in direct competition with our groups and not to ‘poach’ our ladies. We believe in free will and if you do break away and set up on your own in a legitimate and decent manner then we will support you in your venture.

User Content

In the process of using the email accounts, website and software, you represent and warrant that for the data you load: (i) you are the owner or licensee of any and all User Content; (ii) you, and not Ladies Who Latte, are solely responsible for the User Content that you load; and (iii) you acknowledge and agree that Ladies Who Latte do not monitor User Content, nor guarantee the accuracy, integrity, security or quality of such User Content. You will not load User Content that: (i) infringes any third party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy; (ii) breaches any law, statute, ordinance or regulation (including without limitation the laws and regulations governing export control, unfair competition, antidiscrimination or false advertising); (iii) is trade libellous; (iv) contains any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information. Under no circumstances will Ladies Who Latte or innov8 graphic design be liable for any User Content.


You agree to immediately notify Ladies Who Latte of any unauthorised use of the email accounts, website and software or any other known breach of security.

Software Ownership

I-Next Limited retains all rights to the Software. All graphics, logos, software marks, and trade names, including third-party names, product names, and brand names (collectively, the “Marks”) used on the Reseller’s or I-Next Limited websites (the ‘Sites”) and within the Software are the trademarks of I-Next Limited, the Reseller or their respective applicable third-party licensors. You are prohibited from using any Marks without the prior written permission of the owner of the Marks. All content on the Sites is protected by copyright and you are prohibited from creating derivative works of, transmitting, reproducing, distributing, publicly displaying, modifying or using any of the content of the Sites or Software without I-Next Limited’s specific, prior written consent.

Content Ownership

It is the users responsibility to assure that it’s website or email are not used for illegal, untoward or inappropriate uses and that the content is acceptable for public viewing.

Ownership of email accounts and mailing lists collated under the identity of Ladies Who Latte belongs to Ladies Who Latte.

As of May 2019 Ladies Who Latte became Ladies Who Latte Ltd. 

Ownership of the growth and development of Ladies Who Latte remains with Mary Flavelle and Billie Sharp as Directors of Ladies Who Latte Ltd.

Ownership of the idea and concept remains with Sharon Connolly.

Ownership of the logo and website design remains with innov8 graphic design. innov8 graphic design retains the right to use it’s own designs for promotional purposes including as part of a portfolio and on the website.

Photographs provided/uploaded for use by Ladies Who Latte online or in print are given with the senders permission to use those photos indefinitely. When you upload photographs for use by Ladies Who Latte you accept responsibility for aquiring permissions of all the subjects in the photo and from the owner of that photo. If you choose to retract your permission, Ladies Who Latte are happy to remove them where possible providing you identify each instance where said photo appears. If material has been printed containing the photo we will not reprint that item but retain the permission to let the item run it's course. 

Updated 21 January 2020

Social Media Guidelines

Ladies Who Latte Facebook set up.

Ladies Who Latte is an ever growing organisation and it grows from strength to strength through the unity of it’s ladies. This is why it is important for the organisation as a whole to be visually represented as one. We very much appreciate that our leaders volunteer their time in those roles and we are very much aware that Ladies Who Latte would not have gotten this far without that hard work and dedication.
Unfortunately there has been the occasion when less than desirable behaviour has lead to much upset among our ladies and that has lead us to realise that there needs to be a slightly more formal approach to our format and visual presentation.

Why should we have Social Media House Rules? [found below]

Because: Imagine that Facebook/Twitter is like a playground, where your brand can regularly connect with people and build strong relationships. As you know not everyone plays fair, and each Fan Page has its bullies posting negative or abusive comments; that’s why it’s crucial to publish ‘House Rules’ that will clearly state the purpose of your Facebook Page and identify inappropriate content that can (and probably should) be removed. When fans post discriminatory comments or posts, Facebook’s of­ficial terms of use will always have the last word. As an Admin, you can encourage a healthier community with guidelines.


Facebook and Social Media House Rules


1. Visuals - The cover photo of your Facebook page/group should be our generic branded banner or a group photograph of your ladies. This can be updated by sending the image you would like to us via email so we can put the branding as a banner at the bottom and upload it for you. When you upload photographs for use by Ladies Who Latte you accept responsibility for aquiring permissions of all the subjects in the photo and from the owner of that photo.

2. Facebook Mission Statement - This should be present in your ‘about’ tab of your Facebook page/group:

The purpose of this Facebook page is to connect, support and motivate our ladies in a positive and constructive way. Networking face to face is a truly beneficial way of supporting each other in business and our personal lives. We believe that communicating with each other online as well simply improves the lines of communication and bridges the gap in between physical meetings.

To promote a positive experience for our page users, we reserve the right to take down any material deemed inappropriate by the Ladies Who Latte admin. Examples of which are, but not limited to, vulgar language, disturbing photos, angry or aggressive behaviour toward other users or our leaders, and posting anything in violation of any intellectual property right of another.

If someone persists in offensive behaviour or continually violates any of our house rules, we may block that person from further participation. So please, just remember to respect one another and if you wouldn’t want your mother to read it, then it’s probably not a good idea to post it!

3. Keep Your Facebook Page/Group Spam-Free

Some Facebook users may not be contributing beneficially to your page, for example: when they are posting content like “Watch my new video” or “Like my Gardening Page”. If they keep doing it, you should remove their random and irrelevant content, which is pointlessly taking up space.

As a Group Leader and Facebook Moderator you should be aware of what is being posted on your page and remove inappropriate, heavy sales or irrelevant content for the benefit of those users who do use the page for its intended purpose.

4. Accept Negative Feedback

Deleting posts is definitely not an advised social network practice, but there are exceptions as to when it’s acceptable. The posts sent to your wall will not always be positive and flattering. You will always get frustrated with people expressing their dissatisfaction with your methods or setup, and you should be ready to address their problems and answer their questions as a Group Leader in a positive and constructive way. Don’t remove the conversations that are uncomfortable or embarrassing. You will always come out looking better if you can manage a problem rather than hide it. You are business women yourselves, so you know how to mediate difficult customers and where possible it can sometimes open our minds to a new perspective even if the way they have gone about communicating it isn’t that desirable!

But, the ones that cross the line by using inappropriate or offensive language that can trigger fights with other users should be removed (grudgingly, but appropriately). Ladies Who Latte as an organisation will not tolerate such behaviour.

5. Protect Your Users and Remove Inappropriate Behaviour

Protect the most valuable asset of your Facebook Page – your users. The following are some of the most commonly addressed things in community guidelines and things Ladies Who Latte feel are justified in the removal of:

  • Offensive or violent language

  • Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs

  • Links or comments containing sexually explicit content material

  • Violations of copyright or intellectual property rights

  • Spam, link baiting or files containing viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices

  • Attacks on specific groups or any comments meant to harass, threaten or abuse an individual

  • Commercial solicitations or the promotion of a competitor

6. Self Promotion and Advertising

When it comes to people promoting themselves or directly advertising their businesses we feel that this has an overall negative and pushy presence on the page and is the surest way to alienate our ladies from visiting or joining the group.

There is a model in practise at the moment that is proving a success and that is to set a designated day in the month – e.g. First Friday - when everyone is allowed to put one advert for their business on the Group Facebook page for all to see. We should be helping our companies and feel this is a good discipline. This allows our ladies to have their day – but also protects them from gratuitous spamming - so for the rest of the time direct advertising will be deleted.

We ask our leaders to use their discretion as to what level of advertising they permit on the page but most importantly that they are consistent with its enforcement. 

We as an organisation feel this is a healthy approach to supporting our businesses without flooding the platform with unwanted advertisements.

As Ladies Who Latte is all about accessible networking - in the form of FREE meetings - we also naturally believe that other networking groups and organisations should be our allies - not our competitors, however, if you feel that your pages or ladies are being targeted purely in order to gain ‘members’ to other networking organisations then we would class that as inappropriate and urge you to deal with it as you would gratuitous spamming.


As a Latte Leader assets for creating twitter backgrounds and logos are made available for you to download on the ‘LWL Leaders’ Group page within Facebook, so should you want to set up a Twitter page for your group we ask that you follow the above rules for set up and conduct, however, we do not expect you to do this if you do not want to. After all Social Media accounts are like pets and they all need feeding! so we would not ask this additional time of you. You will notice that all the officially set up Ladies Who Latte Facebook Groups and Pages are all named with the location first followed by the organisation name eg; 'Dover Ladies Who Latte' We ask that you stick with this naming convention whenever possible to keep with that all important brand consistency.

Mary's Crib Sheet for Starting a Ladies Who Latte Group

It costs nothing to set up a latte group other than your time. You need to find a suitable venue – consider access, easy or free parking. Hotels, golf clubs and some restaurants are great venues. There is generally a quiet time between 10am – 12noon.

Choose the day and date with the venue, get the Manager on your side, it is VERY important they are supportive of your event. You could negotiate for a bit of a discount or free cakes or biscuits. It is a nice touch and involves the venue directly with the event. The more ‘friends’ in business you can call on to support you the better. You should hope to have at least 10/12 at your first meeting. You also need to have knowledge of the area, It is worth finding out what other networking groups are around – it is not wise to clash with them. 

Consider a 2 week gap and a different day, which could be beneficial. Also check with your chosen venue if they host any groups. 

Most important – do this with a friend if you can – either personal or later someone within your group. It is hard doing this on your own. We ask people to commit for at least a year – many of us have been doing it for a lot longer (because we love it). The group needs time to settle and build and continuity is vital to that success. If you have a friend to work with, then she can cover for illness, holidays etc. 

The main work is on the day, be there to welcome and encourage people to network. Women never need an excuse to start talking; they will do that as soon as they arrive. Have you been to another group to make comparisons – it is strongly recommended you visit at least 2 if you can. 

Some have spotlight speakers – only 5 minutes. Some allow everyone to introduce themselves, if the group is small (less than 20 you can do this) Not ‘1 minute intros’ – just a few words: e.g.: “My name is Mary Flavelle, I am from Ladies who Latte which encourages women to network with confidence, I have business cards with me, see me later”. That is all that is needed. 

This is a time for giving rather than taking, so be sure this is what you want to do. Most of us get real pleasure out of helping other women grow and succeed. You will understand only too well why women need to feel confident and self assured. Many have to learn this and it can be difficult When you are ready to go. A basic press release is included below but don’t depend on it putting bums on seats – it is just for marketing and maybe the local paper will ask more of your story. 

We will connect you to the Leaders page on Facebook, where we leaders can share concerns and warnings if need be. Also it is where we introduce you to the others and add your event to the website. Media wise you will also become well known. Keep your group in the public eye, add your events to any free networking websites in your area – including the local council and newspapers. Encourage the women to join Ladies Who Latte and LIKE our page on Facebook. We are growing and together we will be making a huge impact but we need to be united and prove we are a great business group. 

Finally: What is the benefit to your business? One of the hardest things to do is getting known, for either your business or your product, it can cost a fortune in marketing. Ladies Who Latte will give you the opportunity to get your name out there. The main thing is to enjoy the experience, learn from it and learn from each other. The business will come. Over 10 years on I still love the Latte groups, you never know who you will meet or where this journey will take you – but never underestimate your audience. There will always be surprises. Have fun!

Terms and Conditions for Submission of texts for publication on the Latte Collective

Any submission is subject to the following Terms and Conditions for Submission, and must comply with the applicable Guidelines for Submission below

Latte Collective subscribers may submit material under the following conditions:

Disclaimer – Under no circumstances or in any way can Ladies Who latte ltd, the Ladies Who latte panel for Latte Collective and Publications or persons otherwise affiliated with the aforementioned be held liable in respect of any material submitted and published on this Latte Collective, and cannot be held responsible for its content and accuracy by a User. Nonetheless, we will, if notified and having satisfied ourselves of the bona fides of the notification, remove any content that might constitute a legal violation, such as material submitted  in potential breach of copyright.

Copyright – By submitting material for publication, you guarantee that you are the original copyright holder of the work in question, and you own the legal rights to use the information. As such, we have no legal liability regarding any copyright claims, but will simply remove offending articles as/when we are advised of any breaches.

Review – Any material submitted will be reviewed by the Ladies Who latte Latte Collective Panel, which decides on its publication. The publication of any material submitted will be at the sole discretion of Ladies Who Latte Collective.

Reservation of Rights – We reserve the right to accept, reject or remove any material submitted for publication with no explanation.

Offensive content – Any material deemed defamatory, racist, or otherwise illegal or offending will in any case not be approved for publication.

Non-exclusive license for publication – By submitting materials, you grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide license to republish any material you submit to us in any format, including without limitation print and electronic format. In particular, you agree that we can make it available in this Latte Collective as well as in any other Ladies Who latte publications and/or media or social media, provided that due credit is given to the author.

E-mails – It is a requirement of our submission process that you agree to receive occasional e-mails from us. If any of these notification e-mails are returned, we may refuse or withdraw publication.

Acknowledgment – You acknowledge that any breach of the above mentioned warranties may cause us damage or loss and you agree to indemnify us in full and permanently against any third party liabilities, claims, costs, loss or damage we incur as a result of publishing material you submit to us, including consequential losses.

Guidelines for the submission of Latte Collective Articles

We are looking for ‘articles’ and ‘how to’s’ that bring genuine tips and advice without judgement or criticism of
others. We most certainly don’t want you to be giving away all your trade secrets but there is a middle
ground where you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge on a subject without compromising your
service offering. This will position you as the clear expert and the reader wanting more.

Your articles need to be:

  • Informative in an educational way.
  • Enabling for the reader in a productive way.
  • Specific to one area of your expertise. 
  • Generic in language relating to ‘who’ provides this service. i.e. we are not looking for ‘I’ or ‘we’ references.

Please see the example article 'How To Brief Your Web Designer'. It is not a sales pitch but a factual, informative sharing of information that will benefit the reader.

What? – Articles refers to articles, written pieces accompanied by video, diagram or appropriate imagery. We accept the submission of materials that have originally been written for a different purpose and/or have been published elsewhere, provided that the contributing author is the original copyright holder of the work in question, owns the legal rights to use the information and is not prohibited from reproducing, distributing or displaying the work.

Subject matter – Articles should contain a topic related to the personal experience of the writer that may be of interest for an international audience. Interested Members wishing to enquire whether the subject matter of a text would be of interest for publication may contact

Title – Every Article must be completed as prompted with a brief title that will be previewed on the Latte Collective, with a link to the full Article.

Word count – Word counts for each section of the Article are specified on the submission form.

Footnotes – The Article and the Summary may contain footnotes at the bottom of the page, consecutively numbered throughout the text.

References – Citations should be made as follows:

  1. Case citations: should be made in a format generally accepted in country where the decision has been rendered. Regardless of such formatting, references must in any case contain the date of the decision; a reference to the court/arbitration case number; the parties (if known); place of publication; page(s) and/or paragraph(s) quoted;
  2. Book citations: must contain the author’s initial of first name and last name capitalized and in full; the title of the book in italics, edition (if not first), place of publication, publisher, date, page(s) and/or paragraph(s) quoted;
  3. Article citations: must contain author’s initial of first name and last name capitalized and in full, title of article in double quotation marks, year in round brackets, title of journal in italics (with reference to volume number, if applicable), page(s) and/or paragraph(s) quoted.

English – While we appreciate the truly international nature of international arbitration, the working language of Ladies Who latte is English. Hence, we only accept materials submitted in English to ensure that we reach a maximum number of Users.

Clear language – All Articles and introductions should be written in a clear language, with observation of rules of English grammar and spelling. We accept texts complying with either U.S. or U.K. rules of spelling, provided that one system is used consistently throughout the text.

Structure – Contributors are encouraged to enhance the clarity of their Article (and Summary) by a clear structure. Such structure may be achieved by using paragraphs, subtitles, where appropriate. Longer Articles must contain a Table of Contents.

Capitals – Capitals are generally to be avoided, unless necessary or appropriate for the sake of clarity.

Text formatting – The formatting of your text will be controlled on the form by the site standards. Overuse of capitals or bold font will be penalised. 

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