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Ladies Who Latte West & Wales Region

West & Wales Region

Join the Ultimate Network of Women in Business

As a part of the West & Wales Region, we are thrilled to offer you FREE inclusion to our exclusive network of like-minded women entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Joining Ladies Who Latte is Easy and FREE. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect, collaborate, and succeed with Ladies Who Latte Networking.

Hey! I'm Jo, a humble host of Ladies Who Latte!

You can find me hosting two groups in Bristol and five in South Wales along with our online events & Facebook group.

You'll have access to a wealth of resources, including:

Monthly networking events in your local area, where you can connect with other women in business, share ideas, and forge valuable relationships. (Either online or in-person)

Our Online Friendly Facebook Community:

  • Connect with other members
  • Share your experience and knowledge.
  • Give and get business advice and support.

Participant-Only Promotion Opportunities:

  • Advertise and promote your webinars, workshops and events within our Friendly Facebook groups designed to help you advance your business.
  • The chance to be our 'Spotlight Member of the Month' and share your business & expertise with the online community.
  • Access to our member directory, where you can search for and connect with other members in your industry, location or area of expertise (Coming soon)
  • Monthly Newsletters. (Coming soon)
  • Invitations to exclusive members-only events and social gatherings. (Coming soon)

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this is an image of business women networking in the West & Wales Region

Where Friendship, Advice, Connections,
Collaboration and Success await you! 

Are you ready to jump in?

Which Facebook Group could or should I join?

As well as running the Online Networking meetings, I humbly host 2 Ladies Who Latte Groups in Bristol and five in South Wales. Please join as many of them as you would like. 

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